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Nowadays, the experts are the most valuable asset of a company. The construction industry is in the midst of a technology renaissance and BIM is in the center of this evolution. In order to synchronize with technology developements, familiarity with this new phenomenon and using it is necessary. Therefore Sharif Modisa BIM Academy presents BIM training courses using its experience of BIM implementation in construction management projects, in order to increase abilities of experts of public and private organizations.

BIM Modeler/Engineer

BIM modeler's responsibility is to model the design of a specific discipline. It is possible that the BIM modeler does not have the academic expertise of a discipline, but he/she can model the design (e.g. An architect that models MEP design). BIM engineer not only is expert in one discipline (architecture, structure, machanical, electrical, etc), but also is able to 3D model the design (e.g. A mechanical engineer that knows every technical aspect of the 3D model).

BIM Coordinator

BIM Coordinator is responsible for integration and coordination of BIM execution team. His/ her responsibilities are creating model template of the project, integration and analysis of models for clash detection, model quality control, common data environment (CDE) management, coordination of modeling team, quantitytake-off and estimation, and 4D modeling.

BIM Manager

BIM manager is responsible for implemetation of BIM processes of project. Responsibilities of a BIM manager include selection of BIM uses for project based on owner's needs, providing a BIM Execution Plan (BEP) for the project, supervision over BIM-related contract clauses, determining and assigning BIM-related roles and responsibilities of team members , and supervision and control of BIM processes.


Our courses are suitable for every member of the company including senior and junior managers, and technicians. These courses include education of BIM concepts, BIM uses, BIM tools,Collaboration Process and softwares.
Sharif Modisa educational services are devided into two categories:


Our seminars are designed for senior and junior managers. Focus of these seminars is on transfering the knowledge of BIM concepts, benefits, and BIM uses in order to prepare the auvdience to become familiar with processes .