BIM-Based Project Management

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BIM-Based Project Management Services

Using digital models enable the project manager to plan construction processes in a more rapid and efficient way which will reduce the probable clashes throughout the construction phase. BIM enables simulation of the construction process before it is built. BIM includes a couple of benefits through which project managers can review constructability in a smooth way while the rapid and precise quantity take-off and cost estimation, enables the implementation of lean construction concept of the project to take place. It paves the way for optimized planning and scheduling with the help of simulation in addition to prefabricating the building elements and finally facilitates the delivery process.

Site Analysis

The process in which BIM/GIS tools are used to evaluate properties in a preoccupied area to determine the most optimal site location for a future project is called site analysis. The site data collected is used to first select the site and then base the building based on other criteria

Time & Cost Schedule

Project time scheduling involves producing the project breakdown structure, defining activities, sequence of activities and estimating the duration of activities based on project planning principles. The breakdown structure cost of the project is also provided in this field.

Site Utilization Planning

Using 3D models, it is possible to optimize locations for temporary warehouses, site access, and location of large equipment such as tower crane.

Safety Management

Construction simulation allows you to identify and think about critical safety-related parts.

4D Modeling

In this model, time is added to the three-dimensional model, and all activities are connected to their respective elements in the model so the schedule is provided visually to the employer.

5D Modeling

Project cost estimation is done automatically by linking project elements to the corresponding activity and then defining the project cost list.

Project Time Control

Using the 4D model, everyone, including the employer, would be able to control the project and its time progression using an intuitive model easily. Parametric nature of BIM models allows us to filter the progress of each subcontractor.

Project Cost Control

This process includes preparing daily reports, recording daily progress, preparing detailed schedule, and delay reports. Using BIM software, people with the construction site have access to the BIM model, and due to the precision of the volumes, the project progress recording can be tracked at a very high accuracy